CAH Protocols

In an effort to provide the highest level of service to our community we have established protocols which allow us to serve the greatest number of pets per day.


This page describes our protocols in detail.  For questions please feel free to contact our Operations Manager, Michaela: 207-232-0809.

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Routine + Sick Appointments

For routine and sick visits please check in at the window under the overhand on the ride side of the building. A technician will then meet you at your car, confirm the reason for your visit, obtain consent for diagnostics/treatments, and bring your pet into the facility.

After the appropriate exam/treatments a technician and/or veterinarian will speak with you. This process allows us to limit contact between patients in the lobby which reduces the risk of contagious disease transmission as well as unfavorable interactions between pets. This streamlined approach ensures that your pet is in our facility for the shortest duration necessary thereby decreasing anxiety and providing a more favorable experience for your pet. Our technicians and veterinarians are just as available with this process as they would be with any other and so you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns.

Euthanasia Appointments

For euthanasia appointments please check in at the window under the overhang on the right side of the building. One of our customer service representatives will direct you to the private area inside the building that we have reserved for this procedure.

We  will continue to perform euthanasia outside at the client's request as we have found during the pandemic that being outside during this difficult time is often less stressful for clients and for our canine patients so we felt that it was important to continue to offer this option.


Prescription Refill/Pick Up

Please walk to the front of the building to the carport window on the right. One of our customer service representatives will help you to get the medications that you are requesting and answer any questions that you may have. This includes flea, tick, and heart worm preventatives. 

The above protocols allow us to provide the greatest aid to our community within the limitations of our current facility.

During COVID and curbside we learned a lot about animal behavior in the clinic when pets are not in the presence of their owners. Most are surprised to learn that patients are typically less anxious inside the facility without  their owners. Once patients are in the building they look at our trained staff as their temporary guardians and this trust carries over to when we are examining the patients and administering vaccines etc. In general we have found that the process provides a more positive experience for all of our patients and provides a more orchestrated flow of patients in and our of our facility.

We are facing a national pet healthcare crisis. There simply are not enough veterinarians to provide healthcare to all of the pets at a federal, state, and county level. In an effort to make a local impact we have extended hours, we have developed a triage system and designed our schedule to ensure that the sickest patients are seen same day and for more minor ailments patients rarely have to wait more than 24 hours for an appointment. In continuing the curbside approach it allows us to help  many more patients per day. To be clear continuing a curbside protocol is not a COVID related protocol. It has proven to be the most efficient way to provide quality care and help the greatest number of pets. Veterinary hospitals are typically limited by the number of exam rooms and this outlined protocol allows a smaller facility like our to maximize patient care.

Over the last 1.5 years we have been working to develop a veterinary hospital with the current and future needs of our community in mind. The new facility will be location adjacent to the Veterans' Memorial on Prospect Avenue in Lincoln. The new location will provide a more convenient central location for our community.

A few highlights for the new building: the new hospital will have additional exam rooms, each exam room will have an external door with direct access to/from the driveway-each room will be geared to allow checkin in /out within that room thus eliminating patient interactions in the lobby and provide a more relaxed streamlined experience, for hospitalized patients there will be separate cat and dog wards which reduces stress for all patients but especially our feline friends, we will have the ability to isolate/quarantine patients with contagious diseases.

While the specifics of construction are still being worked out our goal is to be in our new facility by December 2022.

For questions please contact our Operations Manager Michaela 207-232-0809.

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